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I love of bright, bold colors and the whimsical way a children’s imagination shines. Although most of my clients choose to print their images themselves, the most rewarding part of my work is to see my photographs in print. I love seeing people come to life in images and capturing a moment in their lives. My inspiration comes from my daughter. Watching her grow and learn how to do things in her own little way makes every stage in her developement special and memorable. It’s important to me that she won’t only be told about how attached she was to her green blanket, and the way she would rub the satin trim on her bitty nose to fall asleep, but that she will have many pictures to keep her childhood alive. A picture makes up for what our memory lacks and memories are priceless. Why sacrifice quality for something so important in our lives? As a mother, my love for photography grew after meeting the most beautiful little girl in the world, my daughter Lily. My photography journey began in 2009 by accepting a position photographing newborns at EMMC on the maternity ward through a company called Bella Baby Photography. I would enter the patient rooms just hours after birth and photograph the sweet newborns. Capturing those first moments of their precious lives through photographs I realized that the gift to freeze time was the job for me.  I then proceeded to work full time for Bella Baby for a year, growing in my craft and learning communication skills with clients. After that, I officially opened my own business, Ashley Erin Photography so I could stretch my client base from just newborns to all areas of portrait photography. I never looked back.

Since then, I’ve  been molding my business into an experience rather than a regular ol’ photo shoot. I want my clients to feel that they walked away with awesome memories and knowing that their session was customized to their needs. I believe that seeing the subject for their unique qualities make for the best possible shot, which is why I prefer a journalistic approach to my work. I hope to portray that in my photography. I’ve had the opportunity to grow from not only a portrait photographer, but a wedding and event photographer as well. I’ve spent many weekends assistant shooting weddings at every opportunity to enhance my skills to provide my couples with the best collection of photos I can provide. I’m always learning and challenging myself to keep up with trends as well as maintain a classic look that will carry through the generations ahead.

I was born and raised right here in Bangor, Maine and have family as far away as Brisbane, Australia! I love to travel & meeting new people. I love Maine & the diversity in it’s landscape; it’s one of my favorite things about being a photographer here! I’m a mother to a spunky 4 year old girl & recently married my best friend. Here are some of my favorite photos from my personal family albums!


Photos courtesy of Sierra Jackson


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  • WOW!!! Love the website and LOVE the pitrecus. These bridal photos are great! Your technique was always good but I just cannot believe that you have only been focusing on this hobby for such a short time. Total impressed!!ReplyCancel